Mayan Expert Answers Maya Civilization Questions From Twitter | Tech Support

  • last month
Dr. Ed Barnhart, an American archaeologist, answers the internet's burning questions about the ancient Maya civilization. Why was the Maya calendar year only 260 days? Who did they sacrifice? Did they build more pyramids than the Egyptians? This Maya expert answers all these questions and much more.Dr. Ed Barnhart is the director of Maya Exploration Center https://www.mayaexploration.orgCheck out The ArchaeoEd Podcast - for more content about the ancient Americas.Director: Lisandro Perez-ReyDirector of Photography: AJ YoungEditor: Christopher JonesExpert: Ed BarnhartLine Producer: Joseph BuscemiAssociate Producer: Brandon WhiteProduction Manager: Peter BrunetteCasting Producer: Nicholas SawyerCamera Operator: Lucas VilicichSound Mixer: Kari BarberProduction Assistant: Fernando BarajasPost Production Supervisor: Christian OlguinPost Production Coordinator: Ian BryantSupervising Editor: Doug LarsenAdditional Editor: Paul TaelAssistant Editor: Billy Ward