Inside Diplo's Jamaican Jungle Paradise

  • 17 days ago
Today, AD is welcomed by Diplo to tour his private jungle paradise in Jamaica. Since the beginning of his career, Jamaica has been a significant haven of inspiration for the Grammy award-winning DJ and producer so it made perfect sense as the location for his own tropical retreat. After purchasing an ambitious 50 acres of land, Diplo assembled an inspired team of artists to help bring his vision to life over the next 10 years. The years of work have resulted in an indoor-outdoor concrete villa clinging to the lush hillside. Bridges, trellises, and breezeways connect the space, allowing the jungle to weave into the home as if one. Now Diplo walks around his new home confident that his dreams have been realized through these years of hard work. “This project was all about patience. There were so many ways that it could have failed, but we kept finding solutions. I thought that, if nothing else, at least I own a bunch of banana trees.”See more of Diplo's jungle home hereBiota, Part IV | Sofia LondonoNicatiuh 2023 | Pedro ReyesTemoa 2023 | Pedro Reyes