I Made Lightning McQueen: The Craziest Monster Derby Car! ️

  • 17 days ago
Ka-Chow, Friends! Ever wondered what it would be like if Lightning McQueen became a monstrous derby crasher? ️ Today, we're turning that wild idea into reality! Join us as we transform Lightning McQueen into the craziest monster derby car you've ever seen. Buckle up and don't miss out on this thrilling ride as we unveil the wildest version of Lightning McQueen yet! ✨

First, we unboxed our brand-new Lightning McQueen kit and built the car from scratch. ️ We assembled the engine, body, and wheels, and soon, our race track hero was ready! ️ But wait—he's not a monster yet! We needed to make him indestructible! We started by melting down part of the body and removing a section of the front hood. Then, we gave him massive rear wheels by adding space underneath and wrapping them in duct tape. For eye protection, we crafted some cool chainmail covers. ️ Next, we gave him a fierce new look with black artwork, mad teeth, and wires sticking out of the hood and into the cab! ⚡ After adding a few extra decorations and a crazy paint job, our monstrous Lightning McQueen was ready to take on any derby challenge!

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