I'm 24 & Moved In With My 60-Year-Old BF After 3 Hours | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

  • 23 days ago
WE first met Willow, 24, on Love Don't Judge back in 2022, but since then, the model has split from her past partner and has a new man, Rob, 60. The couple knew each other for years, but only recently got together when Willow found herself in LA and decided to hit up Rob. He explained: "I was actually half asleep. I was laying down, I was exhausted. I heard her voice saying she was in LA and probably had the fastest shower and hair blowout I've ever done in 60 years." Things moved fast and within just 30 days of dating, Willow's mum, Deborah, married the couple. Reflecting, Willow gushed: "Our wedding day was incredibly casual, it was just focusing on pretty much how we love each other and that's it." But despite their happiness, they're often judged for their 35-year age gap. Willow said: "They call me the black widow because this is like my second or third age gap relationship. I don't know why they're calling me that?" Today, we'll hear how the couple's relationship developed after all these years and why they are madly in love. Summarising, Rob said: "Has she changed my life? She's completed it. I'm done."