I'm Chinese, He's Black - And Racists Call Us 'Shameful' | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

  • 24 days ago
T'MARH, 29, and Kathryn, 25, live together in Shanghai. He is British and she is Chinese, they have been together for seven months and have blended their lives, residing in an apartment in the city with their dog. The pair first met after briefly seeing each other at a party, then shortly after matched on Tinder and clicked. However, not all has been plain sailing for the couple, with some people in the outside world condemning their interracial relationship. When they are out in public together they often get stares, as local people can be shocked at their mixed-race relationship, especially because T'Marh is black. He explained: "You'll notice as we're walking past, people's faces will follow you as you go." But since staying longer in the city he has come to accept that these looks don't always come from a place of malice, "I've been living in Shanghai for the past five years," he said. "When I first came that would have bothered me, but I know that people will stare at something they haven't seen for a long time, it's just how it is. People will take out their phones to record, it's just how it is. It can be a bit awkward at first but it's just something that I've phased out." The couple both have their respective Instagram accounts where they have been praised for their distinctive styles but, since starting their relationship, they created a joint account and have begun to experience racist and sexualised comments aimed at both of them, Kat said: "Someone called him a gorilla, it's so bad." T'Marh added: "Someone said, 'How much can you buy him for?' People say, if you are with a white person maybe you'll stay together, if it's a black person, he's gonna go somewhere." But the couple have many supporters online too: "There are people who think our relationship looks great, we have an authentic connection and they think we look great together," T'Marh said. Kat agreed: "A lot of people think that we are a lovely couple with a special vibe that other couples don't have." She added: "The most important part is not which country he comes from, or what race he is. The most important part is who he is and the feeling from this relationship that he gives me, and that's why I [am] with him."