Strangers Say Our Child Is Adopted | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY

  • 25 days ago
BELVANA and Natalino are regularly asked questions due to their daughter’s condition. And these questions range from being asked out of intrigue to ignorance. The couple have three children; five-year-old Zivah, two-year-old Zayana and six-month-old Xander. Zayana has albinism and when the family are out in public, they are approached by strangers. Natalino said: “People ask me unnecessary questions like whether she is my child or not?” Belvana explained that when she is out with Zayana and Zivah, people approach her too. She said: “They'll ask if they share a dad, or people would want to touch her hair, or they'll ask me if I'm the nanny.” The mum-of-three began posting content on social media and creates informative videos about albinism as well as family life. She said: “I like to use my platform to create awareness about albinism, because I realise that people are actually ignorant about it.” The family hopes to help educate people and address some of the discrimination people with albinism face. Belvana said: “My hope is really that she grows into a confident young girl. But also that she doesn't let comments get to her.”