Shaitaan _ Full HD Movie _ Ajay Devgn, R Madhavan, Jyotika _ Thriller Movie

  • last month
‘Shaitaan’ movie review: R Madhavan makes the mean monster shine opposite Ajay Devgn in this horror show.
Backed by a poignant premise and powerful performances, director Vikas Bahl generates some genuine moments in eerie situations but surprisingly shows a straight bat in the slog overs.
The film is a remake of the Gujarati horror film Vash (2023). Janki Bodiwala reprises her role from the original here. Kabir (Ajay Devgn) and Jyoti (Jyotika), along with their teenage daughter Jahnvi (Janki Bodiwala), and son Dhruv (Anngad Raaj) drive away to their remote farmhouse to spend some quality time. Their tranquillity shatters when a stranger. Vanraj Kashyap (R Madhavan), enters their world. He somehow takes complete control of Jyoti’s will and makes her a slave of sorts. She harms herself, almost kills her brother, slaps her father and fights with her mother. All this is brought out in visceral detail. The viewer is spared nothing. Kabir and Jyoti try vainly to get Janhvi to listen to them but to no avail. Things keep escalating. Vanraj wants to take away Janhvi but he would only do so with their explicit permission. We learn that he’s an evil tantrik who wants to take over the world. And must sacrifice a bevy of girls to do so. He succeeds in luring Janhvi away and now it’s up to Kabir to save her and other girls from being killed.

The film starts with a disclaimer that the film isn’t propagating superstition and then proceeds to do so for the next two hours. Vanraj equates himself to God, claims he can control anyone if he deems fit and indulges in the sort of mumbo jumbo even street magicians will steer clear off. The climax scene, which showcases mass hypnotism, features young girls all eager to throw themselves in a pyre. There’s no backstory as to why he’s become this instrument of evil. He’s made to spout some nonsense about controlling the life of everyone in the world and we’re supposed to believe that.

Ajay Devgn played a laid-back man who uses his wits to save his family in the Drishyam franchise and kind of steps back into the Drishyam mould again in this film. He’s perfectly cast as the super caring dad who keeps a close watch on his children but gives them ample freedom at the same time. He brings out the helplessness and dedication of a loving father who would do it all to save his world from falling apart perfectly well and looks good in action scenes as well. Jyothika, seen in a Hindi film after aeons, is cast as a caring mother who fights like a wounded lioness when it comes to saving her daughter. Her reactions look totally genuine. She uses her body language and expressive eyes to convey a range of emotions. She shares a good rapport with Ajay Devgn. It’s good to see middle-aged stars being cast together and acting their age. It’s a step in the right direction indeed. Madhavan and Jyothikha have acted in romantic comedies like Dumm Dumm Dumm (2001) and Priyamaana Thozhi (2003) earlier and have a reunion of sorts in Shaitaan. But