Ahead Of 'Chicago P.D.'s' Big Atwater Episode, LaRoyce Hawkins Shares The 'Great' Advice He Got From A Former 'One Chicago' Adversary

  • 3 months ago
Chicago P.D. is shining the spotlight on Atwater in the upcoming episode, with the Intelligence Unit facing a series of jewelry store robberies. This will be the first Atwater-centric hour of the 2024 TV schedule, and LaRoyce Hawkins has some heavy lifting to do in the role. The actor spoke with CinemaBlend ahead of the new episode, including about his character's preparedness as a mentor and the real-llife advice that Hawkins got in from One Chicago alum Mykelti Williamson.

Called “Split Second,” the new Chicago P.D. episode will see Atwater turning to an unexpected source for support during the investigation into the jewelry store robberies. Whether he’ll need this support professionally, emotionally, or a combination of the two remains to be seen, but the most recent episode certainly put Torres through the wringer!