Doctor G Full Movie HD | Love & Romance | Ayushmann Khurrana, Rakul Preet Singh, Shefali Shah

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Doctor G - Full Movie - Romance & Comedy - Ayushman Khurana, Rakul Preet Singh
Dr. Uday Gupta (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a medical student who has just passed his final M.B.B.S exam. He lives in Bhopal with his widowed mother Shobha (Sheeba Chaddha), an aspiring chef who hopes to make it big on social media through her cookery channels, and his best friend, Abhishek Chandel "Chaddi" (Abhay Chintamani Mishr), who is preparing for the civil services examination. Uday wants to pursue his post-graduation in orthopedics, inspired by his distant cousin Dr. Ashok Gupta (Indraneil Sengupta). His rank in the competitive entrance test, however, is insufficient for an orthopedics course in Bhopal. Unwilling to leave his mother behind and move to another city for his studies, Uday reluctantly opts for the best available option in Bhopal-gynecology. He is asked by the counselor to convince a fellow student Priyanka (Sharvari Deshpande), who got Ortho, to swap seats with him. Uday begs Priyanka, that he and his girlfriend Ruchi have big plans after marriage (she will do Optho) and they will start a clinic together. Priyanka informs Uday that Ruchi is breaking up with him and storms off, refusing to swap her Ortho with his Gynae. Uday is also angry with Ruchi for spending way too much time with his study companion Vishal. Ruchi breaks up with Uday saying that he doesn't trust or listens to women.

Ashok also advises Uday to take this opportunity; Uday can simultaneously continue to study for next year's entrance test. Uday is introduced to Kavya Sharma (Ayesha Kaduskar), a high school student who also aspires to become a doctor and whom Ashok is infatuated with.

Uday's initiation into Gynaecology starts on a bad note-he is instantly ticked off by the head of the department, the strict Dr. Nandini Srivastav (Shefali Shah), for joining the course 10 days late, and he gets bullied by his colleagues, all of whom are female. Uday blames his ex-girlfriend Ruchi (Karishma Singh) for his present state and, egged on by Ashok, drunkenly calls her and vents his frustrations. Ashok asks Uday to apply for leave and study for next yr exams to get a better rank and get into Ortho. When Uday asks Nandini for leave, for his mother's heart treatment in Delhi, she tells him to bring his mother to their hospital and she will personally oversee her treatment.
Uday Gupta finds himself as the lone male resident in the Gynaecology department. His reluctance leads to chaos, confusion, comedy and eventually, great camaraderie with his fellow classmates.
Uday Gupta (Guddu) a medical student wants to take up Orthology but due to lack of seats he gets enrolled in Gynaecology for which he is least interested.He believes that Gynaecology is a subject made for females as most patients prefer female Doctors at the time of delivery.Due to lack of seats Uday has to enroll himself in Gynaecology where he has to face brunt from his senior female Doctors.Uday soon befriends his female colleagues one