Analogue to digital, and the evolution of Lamborghini’s V10 models

  • 26 days ago
While the Lamborghini Gallardo was launched in 2003, causing a stir with its guttural new V10 engine and comprising a second super sports model line for Automobili Lamborghini, in London’s East End recording engineer Liam Watson and American rock duo The White Stripes were also loudly making history.

As music enthusiasts around the world prepare to celebrate Record Store Day on 20 April 2024, this Lamborghini video captures the spirit of Hackney, its edgy music scene and a hotbed of creativity. In this industrial landscape that was witnessing the start of construction in preparation for the 2012 Olympics, British producer Liam had set up Toe Rag Studios in 1991 where, instead of harnessing the latest digital technology, he adopted analogue four-track tape machines and pre-60s recording gear. The emotive, tangible feel of analogue recording also appealed to The White Stripes, aka Jack and Meg White, who Liam met while performing gigs at London’s iconic The 100 Club.