"I completed a surrogacy and was able to buy my first home for me and my daughter"

  • 27 days ago
A single mum helped a couple have a child through surrogacy - which allowed her to buy her first ever home.

Teale Kelley, 27, was able to buy a house for her and her daughter Ella, 10, after earning £56,721 ($72,000) as a surrogate for a couple.

Teale used a surrogacy agency, which handled everything from the matching process to the intricate legal process.

In December 2023, she gave birth to a baby boy, and two months later, she was able to purchase her £401,300 ($500,000) four-bedroom home.

Teale always knew she wanted to be a surrogate and has always loved helping others.

Teale, a registered nurse in Denver, Colorado, USA, said: "I always knew I wanted to be a surrogate.

"I love being able to give back and help others. That's probably why I chose nursing as a career.

"I was working as an IVF nurse in a fertility clinic so I saw infertile people every single day."

Teale's experience with one patient, who had four miscarriages, is what pushed her to become a surrogate.

She explained: "I was sitting with this patient after she just got the news that she was having another miscarriage and had lost her baby.

"I held her while she cried and sat with her for a while.

"It was at this time it clicked for me that I could be a surrogate, and I could help someone bring their baby home."

So in August 2022, Teale began to search for an agency. She interviewed 10 different agencies before picking one.

The agency took the time to match her with a family, referred to as IPs (Intended Parents), based on her values and what she wanted to get from the journey.

According to Teale, the agency she chose was different to some agencies that match people with the next available IP's.

She said: "They honestly could not have picked better IP's for me to match with.

"They were incredible and we developed such a close friendship over the time of my surrogacy journey."

When the perfect couple were found, the process moved along smoothly and Teale gave birth to a healthy baby boy in December 2023.

Teale knew she wanted to spend her money she had earned on a brand new house.

She had been saving for several years but as a single parent, she struggled to gather the funds.

Teale said: "I had been renting apartments for years and I knew I eventually wanted to buy a house that I could make my own.

"I had been saving for years prior to doing the surrogacy journey but as a single parent with a one income household it was difficult to save enough."

Teale has stayed in contact with the couple and she has even been shipping frozen breast milk to them.

Teale said: "They became such good friends of mine. I love them and I love that I was able to help them.

"We talk all the time and the baby is doing great.

"I have actually been pumping milk for them and shipping it frozen to them as they live out of state.

"They also send me pictures and updates and I am going to visit them in the next few weeks, which I am so excited about."

Teale posted her whole journey and continues to post updates on her TikTok account: @Tealekelleyy