This Day in History: Jackie Robinson Breaks Color Barrier

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This Day in History:, Jackie Robinson Breaks Color Barrier.
April 15, 1947.
The 28-year-old baseball player
became the first African American
to play for Major League Baseball.
The Georgia native stepped onto the grass
of Ebbots Field in Brooklyn as a Brooklyn Dodger.
Two years later,
the star infielder was named the
National League's MVP as well as a batting champ.
He led his team to six National League
pennants and the World Series in 1955.
Robinson was subjected
to the racism of both players and
baseball fans throughout his career.
Jim Crow laws forced him to dine
at different restaurants and stay at
different hotels than the rest of his team.
Robinson was inducted into
the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962.
His number, 42, was the the first to be retired in 1997