10 Reasons Why Walking Is Beneficial to Your Health

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10 Reasons Why Walking Is
Beneficial to Your Health.
1. A 2016 study from the
National Institutes of Health says
walking can put you in a "better mood.".
2. Another report in 'JAMA Psychiatry'
says it can also help prevent depression.
3. According to a Stanford University analysis,
walking pumps more oxygen into your brain,
therefore increasing alertness.
4. A 2014 study from the California college
adds that your creative output will
receive a boost as well.
5. A University of Missouri study found that
walking reduces stress by increasing blood flow.
6. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute
say walking an hour on a daily basis
can increase longevity.
7. A study from Appalachian State University adds that your immune system can be boosted
by moving 30 to 45 minutes each day.
8. According to the
American Cancer Society,
walking every day lowers
your risk of getting cancer.
9. A 2011 study from the
'International Journal of General Medicine'
adds that it also helps with digestion.
10. Have painful inflammation?
The Arthritis Foundation says
walking can even help with joint pain