Vatican Denounces Gender Theory and Surrogacy

  • last month
Vatican Denounces, Gender Theory and Surrogacy.
On April 8, the Vatican released a statement declaring that
gender-affirming surgery and surrogacy are violations
of human dignity that reject God's plan for human life.
Associated Press reports that
the Vatican's doctrine office released
the 20-page declaration titled 'Infinite Dignity.' .
The document, approved on March 25 by
Pope Francis, includes a rejection of "gender theory,"
or the idea that a person's gender can be changed.
It follows that any sex-change
intervention, as a rule, risks
threatening the unique dignity
the person has received from
the moment of conception, “Infinite Dignity” Vatican doctrine, via Associated Press.
AP reports that the document has been
criticized as outdated by LGBTQ+ Catholics
who call its release harmful and contrary to
recognizing the "infinite dignity" of all people. .
While it lays out a wonderful rationale
for why each human being, regardless
of condition in life, must be respected,
honored, and loved, it does not apply
this principle to gender-diverse people, Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry, via Associated Press.
The Vatican document also denounces countries that
criminalize homosexuality, echoing the pope's 2023
statement that "being homosexual is not a crime." .
However, the document also lays out
that surrogacy is also a violation of dignity
of both the child and the surrogate mother.
Previously, the Vatican has focused on
the potential for the exploitation of
poor women as surrogate mothers. .
Considering this, the legitimate desire
to have a child cannot be transformed
into a ‘right to a child’ that fails to
respect the dignity of that child
as the recipient of the gift of life, “Infinite Dignity” Vatican doctrine, via Associated Press