[Trailer] 綽頭狀元 ( Naughty! Naughty! )

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Naughty! Naughty! 綽頭狀元 (1974)

導演: 羅維
領銜主演: 許冠傑, 苗可秀, 丁佩, 李昆, 恬妮, 茅瑛


Director: Law, Wai
Starring: Hui, Kung Kit Sam Miu, Ho Sau Ding, Pui Lee, Quin Tien, Ni Tanny Mao, Ying

Wu Te-chuan is a young man trying to make a living in an easy way. But now he is penniless and will being thrown out of his Macau hotel. Kind- hearted hotel maid Hsiao Yen is the only one to help him in the world. One day, Wu plays a trick on the hotel owner. The scheme backfires and Wu has to flee to Hong Kong. Wu saves desperate painter Hsin. He convinces Hsin that his painting will sell if he is dead. After Hsin pretend to be dead, his paintings really can be sold well, but backfires finally. Then, Wu and Hsin team up and engage themselves full time in con games, gambling and sex inclusive. Finally, Wu is being chased by the ring enforcers but is saved. Finding himself in love with Hsiao Yen, Wu decides to turn a new leaf and live properly ever after.
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