Safety Tips for Viewing the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

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Safety Tips for , Viewing the Upcoming , Solar Eclipse.
Ahead of the April 8 eclipse that can be viewed in the
United States, Fox News offered some safety tips for
anyone looking to catch a glimpse of the event. .
The number one tip is to wear proper eclipse glasses
which are significantly darker than normal sunglasses
and specifically designed for witnessing solar events. .
Genuine eclipse glasses will have an , ISO 12312-2 filter. .
NASA suggests people check the American
Astronomical Society's list of safe options
for selecting a brand of eclipse glasses.
Fox News warns that the popularity of the upcoming
eclipse has driven third-party vendors to flood
online marketplaces with fake eclipse glasses. .
People without eclipse glasses can still
view the eclipse with a pinhole projector
which can easily be made at home.
Cut a 1- to 2-inch square out of
the center of a piece of plain
white paper or white cardboard.
Cover the square you just cut out by taping
a piece of aluminum foil over the hole. .
Next, use a pin or thumbtack to
poke a hole in the aluminum foil.
A second piece of paper or cardboard
is used as the screen on which the
image of the eclipse will be projected.
To view: place the screen on the ground and stand with your back to the sun, holding your projector with the foil pointed toward the sky.
Adjust the distance between your projector
and the screen to make the image of
the eclipse appear larger or smaller.