Opossum leads officers on a bizarre chase across New York subway station

  • 2 months ago
An opossum led officers on a bizarre chase across a New York subway station during the morning commute.

Video filmed by a commuter shows officers chasing the opossum down the stairs of the 59 St subway station in Brooklyn.

They can be seen wrapping the animal in blankets to be transported safely away from the station.

Herald Urena, of Brooklyn, said he was on his way to work when he saw six police officers chasing the animal.

He said: "There was police tape set up on the stairway to block off foot traffic.

"This seemed crazy to me as police never come down to handle the rat problem but we see one opossum and it becomes a crime scene."

According to Herald, the opossum was moving towards the southbound platform of the station when it was apprehended.

He added: "They had to cover it in blankets to calm it down and they had it pinned down by a kind of grabbing tool.

"I guess the opossum didn't pay the MTA toll."