Lewis Hamilton Replies to Fans on the Internet

  • 2 months ago
On this episode of Actually Me, seven-time F1 champ Lewis Hamilton goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from fans on Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Reddit and TikTok. What is the biggest obstacle he's had to overcome in his career? Is his Brad Pitt racing movie in the works? Does he have any weaknesses? Where does he like to travel in his off-season?Read Lewis Hamilton's GQ Global Creativity Awards profile.Director: Mateo NotsukeDirector of Photography: David SheldrickEditor: Robby MasseyTalent: Lewis HamiltonProducer: Kieran BrettCreative Producer: Robby MillerCoordinating Producer: Camille RamosProduction Manager: James PipitoneProduction Coordinator: Elizabeth HymesTalent Booker: Dana MathewsCamera Operator: Ashton BornGaffer: Deimante SprainaityteSound Recordist: Jermaine MoneroRunner: Lily GriffithsPost Production Supervisor: Rachael KnightPost Production Coordinator: Ian BryantSupervising Editor: Rob LombardiAdditional Editor: Jason MaliziaAssistant Editor: Andy Morell