Dublin (City Centre) Snow Day ~ 6th January 2010

  • hace 2 meses
Infirmary Road onto Parkgate Street was like a pure Ice Rink. Hilarious for all us onlookers, but not for the motorists... Bit of craic here for about 2 hours and lots of footage, but couldn't fit it all in.

Fun times.

Props to all the lads from Montpellier and O'Devany for helping out, ya's ledges!!

Before all the camera nazi's start... I don't carry a video camera everywhere I go, so quality is shit and shakey, but you make do with what you got in your pocket. I only had a 5 megapixel... so when I zoomed it got shakey a lot. It was taken on a phone like device on high zoom. So none of yizer shit. :D