"The Nifty Nineties" (1941) A Mickey Mouse Walt Disney Cartoon

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The Nifty Nineties is a Disney cartoon, starring Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The film was released on June 20, 1941

The scenery and outfits in this film are to look like the 1890s. Mickey takes Minnie to a Vaudeville show after they meet in a park near a water fountain.

When they get to the theater, they first see a slideshow presentation called "Father, Dear, Father", which features Henry Clay Work's song of the same title. In this slideshow, a little girl attempts to get her father to leave a local tavern because he hadn't come right home from work as promised and got drunk at the tavern. In the fourth picture in the slideshow, we see the clock tower, which reads 1:00 am. With mother home watching since tea and her son very sick in her arms, there can only be hope that the father comes home. The slideshow causes Minnie to cry her eyes out. As Minnie bursts out in tears, Mickey tries to comfort her by telling her, "Don't take it so hard. It's only a show". After "Father, Dear, Father" is over, the audience bursts into applause and Minnie finally calms down. Next, they see "Fred & Ward, Two Clever Boys From Illinois". This performance caricatures Disney animators Fred Moore and Ward Kimball.