Save Hello Kitty *From Nerd To Popular Cat Beauty Makeover and How To Become A Cat*

  • 3 months ago
 I'm tired of being a nerd, I want to become a cat! In this video you will se magical journey as we follow a nerdy girl's heartwarming transformation into the adorable Hello Kitty! Watch how she overcomes heartbreak, embraces beauty makeovers with beauty gadgets and crafts From glasses to glamour, it's all about finding happiness, confidence, and whiskers! Get ready for some paw-sitive vibes, beauty gadgets, and life-changing makeovers! Do you like anime? Then you will like this Anime transformation as well - from sad nerd to popular Hello Kitty Anime girl! Timestamps: 0:07 Colored Lense0:20 Stickers For Pimples 0:42 Facial Gadget 1:01 Face Sponge 1:22 Glue Gun for Cat Nose 1:52 SHaving Foam for Hello Kitty Hair 2:41 Straw for Cat Nails 3:30 Headband 4:10 Sponge 4:29 Pop Tube 5:00 From Doll To Hello Kitty#makeover #transfromation #gadgets