Verstappen gets ‘electric’ reaction from next generation racers and the Honda e:Ny1
  • 2 months ago
Max Verstappen got behind the wheel of an all-electric Honda e:Ny1 to stun a group of budding young go-kart racers with a surprise meeting ahead of the 2024 FIA Formula 1 season.

Offering a departure from the three-time F1 World Champion’s Honda RBPTH002 1.6l V6 Hybrid PU powered Oracle Red Bull Racing RB20, the e:Ny1 delivers up to 412km WLTP approved range, an interior designed for comfort and ease of living, and a simple to operate powertrain – making it the perfect everyday vehicle.

Silently whisking him from the Red Bull Technologies Campus to a local indoor go-kart circuit, Verstappen watched the young racers on track, before taking the time to offer his advice and share memories from the early days of his own motorsport career.