'Quiz Lady’s' Writer And Director Explain The Surprising Way The Paul Reubens Cameo Came To Be

  • last month
One of the funniest ongoing jokes in the Awkwafina and Sandra Oh-led comedy Quiz Lady is Holland Taylor’s character's inability to tell the difference between Alan Cumming and Paul Reubens. Throughout the film, her character Francine claims that she adores Cumming, but, the images she's always referring to are of the actor behind Pee Wee Herman. So, when she meets Reubens, she thinks it's Cumming, and he pretends to be The Traitors' host. This scene was more than just a funny moment, it was also incredibly touching because it marks Reubens’ final role. So, when I had the chance to interview the creative team behind the comedy on the 2023 movie schedule, I had to ask about the incredible actor and his hilarious cameo.

The Surprising Story Behind How Paul Reubens Ended Up In Quiz Lady
Jen D'Angelo, the writer and producer of Quiz Lady, told me the story behind how Reubens’ cameo came to be. Honestly, hearing how she came up with the idea makes the situation even funnier, because this actor-mix-up wasn’t the original plan.