CM Arvind Kejriwal Says ‘Delhi Model’ Of Governance Showing Direction To Entire Country
  • last month
On February 26, Delhi Chief Minister said that the Delhi model of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is giving direction to the country. While speaking in the Delhi House, CM Kejriwal reiterated that his party has worked for every sector in Delhi like electricity, water, hospitals, health and sanitation. He also spoke about the education system in the country and said that nearly 6000 government schools have been closed in Gujarat, while 4500 government schools have been closed in Assam. CM Kejriwal added that in Delhi, there are top of the line facilities in government schools, from smart classes to swimming pools. He said that India’s schools can be improved with a total investment of Rs 5 lakh crore which in turn will eradicate poverty from the country. Watch the video to know more.