New Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina Design Preview
  • 2 months ago
NEW LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA – available in Italy in 1906 certified and numbered units as a tribute to the year Lancia was founded – cements the bond between two outstanding brands in their respective sectors: automotive and interior design. It represents the next steps in a journey that began with the interiors of the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE concept car: the two brands are linked by shared values such as a vocation for research and innovation, respect for their past and tradition, as well as attention to environmental issues.
Combining tradition and innovation in line with the brand’s pure and radical design language, New LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA is the first car inspired by the world of Italian furnishings. It epitomizes design, comfort, and onboard well-being.
The model reflects the utmost attention to every stylistic detail, from the selection of the materials to the choice of colors: blue is used as the iconic hue of Lancia tradition, appearing both inside the car and out.
A soft blue velvet in 100% recycled yarn envelops the seats with “cannelloni” pattern and double stitching, with the same color echoed in the accents on the door panels and dashboard creating an elegant and coordinated interior space.
Lancia blue also features in the model's unique, elegant, and contemporary bodywork: it blends in with the black of the alloy wheels and their dark dressing, resulting in a refined and uniform visual impact, with no chrome plating.
Another of the greatest hallmarks of the New LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA is the Cassina multifunctional “tavolino”, a new design element made of bio-based plastic that emphasizes the brand’s manufacturing experience. It is the first “tavolino” seen inside a car, used by Lancia to create a welcoming and hospitable space in line with its historical values. The passenger compartment therefore becomes an authentic ‘living room,’ to guarantee the comfort typical of Italian homes: a harmonious and elegant space.