The Best Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Monthly Bills

  • 3 months ago
The Best Ways to Cut the
Cost of Your Monthly Bills.
Recurring monthly expenses can be
challenging for many households.
Here are 10 of the best ways to cut
the cost of your monthly bills. .
1. Switch from cable to a more
affordable streaming service.
2. Set up a multiple-line phone plan
with family, friends or roommates. .
3. Refinance your mortgage payments and
see if there’s a more affordable rate. .
4. If you’ve been a good tenant, try negotiating
a lower rent with your landlord.
5. Make sure the majority of your power
usage happens at non-peak hours. .
6. Don’t pay for non-essential services
like lawn care or house cleaning.
7. Install low-flow fixtures on toilets and
shower heads to reduce water usage. .
8. Save on air conditioning and heating costs by
sealing any air leaks near windows and doors.
9. If you’re able to, give up private car use for
public transportation, carpooling or biking.
10. Utilize coupons and skip brand
names when grocery shopping