Bob Iger Said 'Quantity' Over 'Quality' Is To Blame For Marvel's Box Office Troubles. But It's Worth Noting It Was His Idea In The First Place
  • 2 months ago
Disney and Marvel Studios are no strangers to box office letdowns, starting with "Ant-Man 3" failing to perform and the latest being "The Marvels." Bob Iger, Disney's CEO, places the blame squarely on prioritizing "quantity" over "quality" in the post-"Avengers: End Game" era. What's intriguing is that this emphasis on churning out more content originated from Bob himself.

While the House of Mouse Head Hancho seems to have had an epiphany about the merits of "less is more," his initial stance was quite the opposite. With a 15-year tenure as Disney's CEO until 2020, later extending as executive chairman until 2021, Iger expressed to CNBC in an interview that Disney+ needed "more volume." However, a recent transcript from Disney's Q4 2023 earnings call (via The Motley Fool) reveals a notable shift in Iger's perspective since resuming the CEO role.