Sebastian Stan Corrects Journalist Who Called His 'A Different Man' Character a "Beast" | THR News Video
  • 2 months ago
Sebastian Stan is calling out a journalist who described his latest film character, who has a facial disfigurement, as a "beast." Stan was on deck at the Berlin Film Festival to do press for his latest film 'A Different Man,' which stars himself and actor Adam Pearson who has Neurofibromatosis Type 1. During the press conference for the film in Berlin, the journalist, who was not a native English speaker, asked Stan, "What do you think happens after the transformation from this so-called beast, as they call him, to this perfect man?" (Stan wears a facial prosthetic for the first half of the film.) Stan piped back saying, "I have to call you out a little bit on the choice of words there. Part of why the film is important is because we often don't have the right vocabulary."