How the Latin Kings gang actually works, according to a former member
  • 2 months ago
Andy "Rebirth" Pellerano is a former soldier for the Almighty Latin King Nation, or Latin Kings, one of the largest and most dangerous prison and street gangs in the United States.

Business Insider talks to Pellerano about how members are initiated, what the gang's codes are, and how he got the green light to leave the organization. He covers the rivalry with the Crips and the Folk Nation and the "Bloodline" allegiance with the Bloods in the prison system. Pellerano lived in New Orleans, where the gang spread from its home base in Chicago. He discusses the Latin Kings' involvement in a drug-trafficking network and other crimes such as robbery and extortion.

Today, Pellerano is an evangelical minister and musician. He uses hip-hop and rap to give his testimony to young men and to redeem other former members of the Latin Kings.

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