Inspo for Sticking to Those Regimens and Resolutions You Promised Yourself

  • 3 months ago
Research indicates that 48% of people give up by this time, so our Editor-in-Chief, Joann Butler, is sharing some tips, tricks, and things that can help you get back on track. It's all about creating a habit and doing something after you do something else, like after a shower, moisturizing your skin, and after you have your first cup of coffee, go for that walk. It helps create a routine and then actually stick to it. Of course, when you need a little more help than that, or just a friendly reminder or even some inspiration, leave yourself love notes. I love Post-it Super Sticky Notes because they stick everywhere: shower doors, windows, and walls. They come in fun colors for color-coding tasks, and the 4' x 6' is amazing. Lined and great for shopping lists, meal planning, and homework, with environmentally friendly options, they are made from 100% recycled paper, even the packing. And they come in pretty pastels. Check out their site POST-IT.COM and their social accounts @POSTIT for great organizational tips and inspiration. Next up, sticking to our beauty routines. If you are like me and vowed to take better care of your skin, don't forget the skin on your head. Especially this time of year, when we bundle up and wear hats, the excess sweat irritation can make you more susceptible to dandruff symptoms, so you need the right shampoo. My go-to for alleviating this uncomfortable feeling is Head & Shoulders BARE. It goes deep to fight dandruff at the source and refreshes your scalp. It has only nine ingredients, including the active ZPT--clinically proven to fight dandruff. And free from sulfates, silicones, and dyes. BARE Pure Clean is for oily hair/scalps, and BARE Soothing Hydration is for drier hair and scalps. Get it for just $9.99 online and in-store at Walmart. Now daylight saving is the annual reminder to make sure all the important things around your house are in check and working, especially the ones that keep us safe, such as smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Kidde made this a whole lot easier this year. Instead of replacing the batteries in your smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, install one with a built-in battery. Their Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Smart features lasts ten years, with a 10-year, built-in lithium backup battery that helps keep your family safe even when the power goes out. You can also easily check it through the Kidde HomeSafe app when not home. And it will give you urgent notifications if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected. Get it at , Amazon, and The Home Depot.