How to kill The Man From The Fog/Night Dweller like a dumb boxer [Minecraft Mod: Guide]

  • il y a 3 mois
It finally happened, I was able to kill The Man From The Fog/Night Dweller, Fists Only and No Armor, on Hard even. However, I do admit I needed to make a compromise as he just despawns too quickly for me to realistically kill him purely by punching, so I needed some Potions for it, hence the trip to the Nether took a big part of the Video.

I hope you like it nonetheless even if it's longer, and I usually just want to do my own thing and not take too many requests, but this Challenge I was given by a Viewer on the other Video ended up being kinda fun.

Links of Mods:
The Man From The Fog [v1.1.0]:
True Darkness [v119-2.0.101]:
Mindful Darkness [v4.0.9-1.19.2]:
Overflowing Bars [v4.0.1-1.19.2]: