Watch Your Step, Barbie! *Barbie And Alphabet Lore Wedding*
  • 2 months ago
The letter A made a marriage proposal to Barbie! We are invited to the wedding! Let's see together how Barbie and Letter A prepare for it. Barbie needs a makeover! Let's dye her hair! Now she needs a veil and a dress. The bride is ready! The letter A needs a nice groom's suit. For this we use a sock! Both the bride and groom need the best car - a unicorn car! Watch the crazy wedding of Barbie and Alphabet Lore!Timestamps:0:00 Barbie Found Alphabet Lore0:34 Marry me Barbie!0:40 Barbie Makeover / Foot Cleaner1:21 Watch You Step Barbie!/ Nail Polish1:39 DIY Rhinestones Skirt For Barbie2:06 DIY Unicorn Car / Pink Fur2:39 Alphabet Lore Ring3:02 Play Dough Cake3:48 DJ Remote / Can 4:27 DIY The Bride's Bouquet/ Tp Roll5:05 Tuxedo For Letter A5:32 You Can Kiss the Bride!#alpbhabetlore #barbie #hacks