Costco and Sam's Club Charcuterie Meats Implicated in Salmonella Outbreak, CDC Traces Salmonella Outbreak to Specific Charcuterie Brands
  • 3 months ago
The CDC is investigating a salmonella outbreak across 22 U.S. states that has sickened 47 people since January 5th. Ten people have been hospitalized as a result of the outbreak. Interviews with infected individuals found many had eaten charcuterie meats from Costco or Sam's Club. Specifically, the Busseto brand "Charcuterie Sampler" sold at Sam's Club and the Fratelli Beretta brand "Antipasto Gran Beretta" sold at Costco are implicated. The CDC is advising consumers not to eat any remaining products of these brands and types, and for retailers not to sell or serve them.