Cold wave: Know the top 10 Coldest Places on the Planet | Exploring the Frigid Places | Oneindia

  • 5 months ago
Extremes of any weather are hard to survive, either hot or cold. You must have heard about some of the warmest places on Earth where temperatures soar to extremely high levels, for example, the Sahara desert, where the temperature has risen to a maximum of 58 degrees. Similarly, there are certain places on Earth where the cold conditions make it very difficult to survive, yet brave and well-insulated explorers and scientists have developed methods to survive there. Ordinary thermometers will not operate in the majority of these locations. If you were exposed to such extreme cold conditions, your skin would freeze in minutes, and the droplets in your breath would crystallise when you exhale. Many of these locations are also research stations where essential and ground-breaking research has been conducted. Climate study, geology, astronomy, and extreme biomedicine have all thrived in these hostile environments.

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