Gharon Aur Dukanon Se Chohe Pakarne Wala Ustad Qamar Viral - Log Gariyon Mein Aa Kar Le Jate Hain

  • 4 months ago
Qamar, who catches rats from houses and shops goes viral- Fixed rate per rat - People used to come and take them in cars.
Ustad Qamar, 18 years old, from Faisalabad, caught rats for just 100 rupees. People call him from different cities to catch rats. Qamar can kill more than 100 rats in a single day. Ustad Qamar's visit card is going viral on social media these days.
Speaking with UrduPoint anchor Qamar, he got an offer from Dubai and Saudi Arabia to come there and start a business there. Further, it’s not a joke; Qamar claimed to have caught an alive rat.
Anchor: Muzammil Ashraf

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