How to kill The Man From The Fog/Night Dweller like a dumb caveman [Minecraft Mod: Guide]

  • il y a 5 mois
At least that's for the Current, Version 1.1.0 of The Man From The Fog, or Night Dweller, guy's a wimp, oog. No impress brave Kirah, oog.

Basically, the guy can crawl in 1-Block high spaces and break certain stuff, but can't destroy Stone Slabs, so you just have to aim low through the hole and hope he stays long enough for you to kill him, a Stone Sword works like a charm, but I guess Iron would be fine too.

The main issue is always that he randomly goes away, even if it's just in 3 seconds, so not even Diamond helps with that, but you don't die from trying and because he can attack 3 times per night, it won't be for too long until you manage to pull it off and even get a nice stock of Tears Of The Man, which gives you Night Vision II & Speed II when simply holding it in either Hands (in Off-Hand, you then need to select the Hotbar Slot 1 for it to work, Main Hand though is more straightforward). So because the Loot is overpowered and a One-of-a-kind by Minecraft Standards, you really should use all the chances you get to try and kill him.

People seem to use Fences/Walls instead, which may work, but then there's the issue that Phantoms and Skeletons may meddle in and you can't always run away. Either way, the point wasn't for the Perfect Build, just to have a Strategy that's been dumbed down for Early Game, you can do it in the comfort of your own home and just use easily Renewable Materials, which the latter is always a concern of mine. It may be perfect for all I know, no need to look for Diamonds for hours like these easily impressed YouTubers.

The Conditions in this Video were:
*Stone Tools Only
*No Armor
*Can pull it off in Day 1
*Hard Difficulty
See? Even you could do it, it's that simple.

Not a smart AI at all, but it does make me rather stay inside at night, which is something that is lost in Current Minecraft, I'll at least say that much.

Links of Mods:
The Man From The Fog [v1.1.0]:
True Darkness [v119-2.0.101] (Not necessary, I just wanted some more oomph):