'I Had To Jump’: Why Chris Evans Turned Down A Movie To Join Dwayne Johnson In Christmas Film 'Red One'
  • 3 months ago
The 2023 holiday season will be extra special this year with an exclusive treat for those with an Amazon Prime subscription—a front-row seat to the highly anticipated new Christmas movie, "Red One." Directed by Jake Kasdan and a script from Chris Morgan, this action-adventure extravaganza is a potential franchise starter and marks the first collaboration between Hollywood powerhouses Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Chris Evans. During a recent appearance, the former "Captain America" performer explained why he was happy to turn down another movie to work with the WWE veteran on the Christmas action movie.

During a recent video from "The View," Evans shared why he happily passed up another movie opportunity to work alongside The Rock. The MCU alum explained his decision-making process, stating that such unique holiday opportunities don't come around often for him.