10,000lb Monster Truck Attempts Stunt | Ridiculous Rides

  • 7 months ago
WEIGHING 10,000lbs, this colossal Monster Truck is not for the faint-hearted. Meet ‘Fluffy’ – the stunt-performing powerhouse that boasts more than 1,400hp. Proud owner, Kevin King, recently fired up the big engine and managed to jump over a fire truck and TWO police cars in his latest trick. Kevin has become one of the most well-known independent drivers in the Monster Truck Industry. Drawing a big crowd at one of his events in Waycross, Georgia, Kevin wanted to pay tribute to their local services – and thankfully, no one was left disappointed. Kevin told Ridiculous Rides: “This truck, it’s a beast. It’s a race vehicle. So it’s really not a matter of if it breaks – it’s just when and how bad. With the stunt, we wanted to show our support for those guys, to salute our first responders. It landed real good and I was happy with it.” ‘Fluffy’ is powered by an impressive Chevy 565 engine. And Kevin is more than used to handling this sort of vehicle – known for his work with ‘Fluffy’ and another truck called ‘Strait Jacket’. “I’ve been doing this for so long now,” he said. “When we get into the truck, when we put that helmet on, there’s really no thought process. If you’re thinking about it all, you’re going to screw up. It’s just what we do.” And when discussing the name ‘Fluffy’, Kevin added: “A Monster Truck called ‘Fluffy’? “It’s like the manliest, toughest name in Monster Trucks!”