Omid Scobie refuses to apologise to royals named in Dutch copies of Endgame

3 months ago
Omid Scobie has refused to apologise to the two members of the royal family named in the Dutch version of his book as having allegedly asked about the colour of Archie’s skin.Endgame was pulled from shelves in the Netherlands on Tuesday after it was revealed that it named two royals in connection with the claim.In a BBC Newsnight interview on Thursday night, Mr Scobie declined to say sorry, saying: “It's not for me to apologise because I still want to know what's happened."He has repeatedly insisted “there’s never been no version that he’s produced that has names in it”.However, the Dutch translator, Saskia Peters, has rejected that, telling Mail Online: “As a translator, I translate what is in front of me. The names of the royals were there in black and white.”