Fiat Topolino - Disney Street

FIAT celebrates Disney's 100th birthday with an exclusive gift: five unique Fiat Topolino, whose design is inspired by Mickey Mouse, the most famous cartoon character from the Disney world. The new Fiat Topolino is an electrically powered light vehicle designed for novice drivers aged 15 and over. At the same time, Topolino is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse and also the nickname of the historic Fiat 500, which was manufactured from 1936 to 1955.

The first Fiat Tipolino is dedicated to the area of history. Its design takes up motifs from the legendary Disney short film “Steamboat Willie”. The animated film, which premiered in New York in 1928 and stars Mickey Mouse as the helmsman of a paddle steamer, is Disney's first sound film. “Steamboat Willie” is now part of the exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMa).