Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers Speed Date Each Other
  • 5 months ago
In this game-ified version of speed dating, the "Las Culturistas" podcast hosts ask each other about their preferences in a partner. See besties Bowen and Matt interview each other one at a time with juicy first date questions that'll determine their compatibility. Are they a good match for each other? Take a look!

Director: Jameer Pond
Director of Photography: Mar
Talent: Matt Rogers, Bowen Yang
Producer: Madison Coffey
Line Producer: Jen Santos
Associate Producer: Rafael Vasquez
Production Manager: James Pipitone
Production Coordinator: Tania Jones
Talent Booker: Keaton Bell
Camera Operator: Jack Belisle
Gaffer: David Djaco, Niklas Moller
Audio Engineer: Sean Paulsen
Production Assistant: Erica Jordan, Rowmel Findley