Pete Davidson Says Lorne Michaels Sent The Perfect Text After Rumors About 'SNL' Hosting Appearance Spread

Even though Hollywood is starting to get back to basics following the resolution of the WGA writers strike, audiences will still be waiting until the new year for many of their favorites to return, with the SAG-AFTRA dispute still ongoing. Thankfully, "Saturday Night Live" and its talented cast and crew were able to right the ship to jump immediately back into action, with former repertory player Pete Davidson making his delayed return as one of Season 49’s guest hosts. And as the comedic actor shared, he first found out about the previously rumored gig from the rumor mill himself, Lorne Michaels.

Davidson popped up on another NBC series that recently made its post-strike return, "The Tonight Show," where he talked to fellow "SNL" alum Jimmy Fallon about the A+ way Lorne Michaels hit him up about nabbing the host role.