Woman shocks restaurant diners with her remarkable voice

3 months ago
A woman shocked restaurant diners with her remarkable voice after being asked to give an impromptu performance.

Clynese Glenn was having brunch with a friend and was suddenly asked to sing, she shocked everyone with her incredible voice.

Clynese, 33, was on a work trip in Miami - and a friend from work took her to brunch at a restaurant with live music.

They had been recommended the restaurant, Doral Steakhouse by workmates and decided to go on Sunday October 29.

A singer, Mimi Rose, was performing and approached Clynese with the microphone, completely by surprise.

Little did she know, Clynese, who works for a plastic surgery company, is also a singer and belted out a few lines.

Clynese sings RnB and performs at venues around Houston, Texas, USA, her hometown.

Clynese did a great job with the song, "I Ain't Got You", by Alicia Keys, and dazzled both the audience and Mimi alike.

She said: "It was a great experience, It was definitely a surprise, but it was a great experience.

"I always love a chance to show people my voice."

The video, recorded by Clynese's friend, Deirda Lattimore, 45, shows Mimi looking awed and the audience cheering.

Clynese thinks that she was approached because Mimi could tell that she knew the songs and had some experience singing.

She said: "She could tell she was a singer because I was identifying with songs no one else knew."

Clynese hadn't expected to sing, and was actually quite nervous when she saw Mimi approaching with the microphone.

Clynese said: "It was a new city, I was eating and I didn't know how I was going to sound

"When Deirdra pulled out her phone to record I was swallowing a mouthful of chicken.

"Because I kind of do this for a living when I opened my mouth to sing they [the nerves] just went away."

Clynese's performance was a wild success, and actually led to her making friends with Mimi.

Clynese had been struggling with life as a performer, so it also served as a great comfort to see people enjoying her singing.

She explained: "There are times when I get discouraged, this music thing can be tough.

"This moment reassured me that there are thousands of ways you can make it and mine could come any day.

"She [Mimi], said that she was really glad it happened and that I was a great singer.

"I tagged her in the video and we had a conversation about working together."