Keep Your Four-Legged Friend Safe This Holiday

3 months ago
If you're one of the 85% of dog owners shopping for your four-legged friend this year, check out the Halo Collar. It's all the buzz amongst pet parents, keeping more than 189,000 dogs safe and living healthier lives by giving them the freedom to live off the leash while giving pet parents peace of mind knowing that the dog is safely within the boundaries set for them. Halo Collar was founded by dog behaviorist Cesar Millan and tech entrepreneur Ken Ehrman, whose niece's dog escaped his ground-wired fence and was killed by a car. Astounded by the number of dogs who were lost, hurt, or killed each year in roadside accidents and knowing they had the combined capabilities to prevent it from happening again, Halo Collar was founded. Halo's newest model, the Halo Collar 3, is the most accurate GPS dog fence ever created. You can get it today at , Amazon , Chewy , or .