Scherzo (2021) – Trailer – (English subtitles) Japanese Film

há 3 meses
Directed by Takayoshi Shiokawa, Kanta Tomatsu
Scherzo (2021)
Full length movie

Koji, who keeps forgetting to shave his beard, forgets everything after a day. He grabs a handycam camera connected to the TV in his room and goes out on the town, having fun at a girls’ bar, running away because he doesn’t have any money, robbing a pizza from a pizza delivery guy because he’s hungry, entering a strange house because he wants money, sightseeing in Asakusa, having sex with a prostitute… Koji acts without thinking about the future. “This is because he is born every day and dies every day. One day, he finds a baseball bat in his room and goes to the baseball field, where he meets Hinako. She, too, is a person who forgets everything after a day. Koji looks at the countless polaroids of Hinako on the wall of his room, and realizes that he has forgotten the days he has spent with Hinako. Determined to put an end to the lack of continuity in his days, he sets out on a journey to fix his memories with Hinako.


inserted song ”Love, The Tragedy of Shortcut Lovely"

2019 "Serenade for HINA"『愚か者、HINAのためのセレナーデ』