5 Long-Running Film Series That Probably Should Have Ended Two Or Three Movies Ago, Including 'The Expendables'

  • 6 months ago
You see, when it comes to most horror franchises, like the "Friday the 13th" series, or something like every "Halloween" movie, we're usually all for long, drawn out series, since the later movies in said series usually become more and more ridiculous (It’s Jason…in spaaace. Or, it’s Leprechaun…in the hoooood!), which we get a guilty pleasure out of watching.

But when it comes to other genres outside of horror, we usually have less tolerance for a series that may have worn out its welcome two or three movies ago, such as with "The Expend4bles." Honestly, "The Expendables" probably shouldn’t have made it past the second movie (And apparently, I’m not the only person who wonders how "The Expendables" franchise has made it this far). So here are just a few movie series that probably should have been put out to pasture a couple of movies or so ago.