Israel-Hamas War: Israel will completely dismantle Hamas in Gaza Strip | Eylon Levy | Oneindia
  • 5 months ago
Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy stated that his nation's goal is to "totally destroy the military and governing capabilities" of Hamas and that military action within the Gaza Strip will occur "at the time of our choosing." The world and the west Asian nation were stunned by the terror attack carried out by Hamas on October 7, in which over 200 Israelis were taken captive and 1400 Israelis died. In an interview with ANI, Eylon Levy said, "The days ahead are going to be long, they're going to be difficult. They're going to be hard because this isn't another round of conflict. This isn't another round where Hamas will fire rockets, Israel will launch airstrikes and then everything will calm down after a few days. Hamas declared war on us, Hamas declared war with the worst terrorist attack in world history since 9/11. And so we're going to totally dismantle Hamas in the Gaza Strip. That is our goal in this war, total victory over Hamas. We are going after every single Hamas tunnel, every single Hamas rocket launcher, every single Hamas commander, every single Hamas fighter. They're all legitimate targets…They all represent a clear and immediate danger to the security of our friends and family. We are going after them in order to destroy them while doing everything we can to minimise civilian casualties, including on the Palestinian side as well.” Watch the full video here.

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