Suzanne Somers' husband Alan Hamel gifted her a 'handwritten love poem wrapped in her favorite pink peonies' hours before she died from cancer and just one day before her birthday

  • 9 months ago
One of the most storied sitcom stars of the 70s and 80s, Somers was also known for her starring stint in ABC's Step By Step, aside from her claim to fame as Chrissy Snow on Three's Company. Her publicist on Sunday confirmed she succumbed to her illness - an aggressive form of breast cancer that surfaced more than 23 years ago - while surrounded by family at her California home. The affliction, however, was not the actress's first bout with the disease - something she revealed this past July that she's been struggling with on-and-off with since well before her break as Chrissy Snow on the popular program, which also aired on ABC. She is survived by her husband Alan and her son Bruce, who had been gathered at the home already in anticipation of Somer's birthday, her publicist said in the statement announcing her passing.