Earth Of Monsters (2023) Full Adventure Movie _ Hindi Dubbed _ New Release Hollywood Action Movies

  • 7 months ago
Movie: Earth Of Monsters
Starcast: Shi Yan Neng | Huang Hao Yue | Cheng Qi | Guo Zhen
Director: Yang Liu | Huang Wei Zhong

Qin Xiaofeng, an expert in paleontology, lost his father when he went to Kunmai Mountain to look for a dragon. In order to find out the truth about his father's murder, Qin Xiaofeng set out to find the dragon together with the hunter Huoye and the machine expert Ye Yuling. When Qin Xiaofeng thought he could find out the mystery of his father's death by catching the dragon, he accidentally discovered the bones of the previous biological expedition team members, which had traces of bullets passing through them! Faced with more and more suspicions, Qin Xiaofeng is completely covered in a mystery. The truth of his father's death and the crisis of the dragon capture team seem to have someone behind them, pushing Qin Xiaofeng step by step into the bottomless.