Revealed: German tattoo artist, 30, killed by Hamas while attending a music festival before the militants paraded her body on the back of a truck and claimed she was an Israeli soldier - as her devastated family say they are in a 'nightmare'

  • 7 months ago
Shani Louk, a German national, was in Israel to celebrate at a peace rave close to the border with Gaza when Hamas terrorists attacked in the early hours of a Jewish holiday. She was seized by terrorists as they attacked Israel in a surprise assault which has left at least 480 people dead and 3,200 injured. Her body was filmed splayed in the back of a truck, with one leg at an unnatural angle, terrorists sitting around it and supporters of the group cheering, running alongside and spitting on her. The tragedy comes as Palestinian militants launched its worst onslaught for 50 years on Saturday by unprecedented land, sea and air attacks - even using hang gliders to avoid detection. Terrified Israelis, barricaded into safe rooms, recounted their plight by phone on live TV. Other footage showed captured soldiers and civilians - some dead - being paraded through Gaza's streets. Heralding the start of what Hamas called 'the greatest battle to end the last occupati